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“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community... Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.”               

- Cesar Chavez


July 02, 2015
nTIDE Jobs Report: Growing Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities

June 10, 2015
Institute on Disability Research Director Andrew Houtenville featured on C-SPAN

June 05, 2015
nTIDE Jobs Report: Americans with Disabilities Continue to Enter the Workforce

June 03, 2015
National Survey Demonstrates That People with Disabilities are Striving to Work and Overcoming Barriers

May 29, 2015
UNH Institute on Disability’s RENEW Program begins a 4-year evaluation process with $3.5 million grant

May 11, 2015
IOD Program Participants Work to Pass Groundbreaking Legislation

May 08, 2015
nTIDE Jobs Report: Employment Continues to Grow for People with Disabilities

May 07, 2015
Kessler National Employment Survey

May 06, 2015
Institute on Disability Seeks Artists for 2016 Calendar

April 13, 2015
The 2014-2015 NH Leadership Series Concludes with Gala and Visit from NH Governor Hassan

April 03, 2015
nTIDE Jobs Report: For 6th Month, People with Disabilities Continue Finding Jobs

March 17, 2015
Dan Habib Releases "Keeping Families Together" Highlighting the Work of START in Arkansas

March 06, 2015
nTIDE Jobs Report: Rising Tide Continues to Raise Workers with Disabilities

February 10, 2015
National Trends in Disability Employment (nTIDE): 2014 Year-in-Review

February 06, 2015
nTIDE Jobs Report: New Year Shines Bright for People with Disabilities Finding Employment

February 02, 2015
Institute on Disability Receives Grant for National Disability Employment Survey

January 30, 2015
North Carolina START Central Becomes First Certified START Program

January 30, 2015
Dan Habib Receives University of Michigan 2014 Humanitarian Service Award

January 09, 2015
nTIDE Jobs Report: Solid Economic Gains Include Job Growth for Americans with Disabilities

December 12, 2014
RENEW Program Travels to Denmark

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