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In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins--not through strength, but through persistence.

- Buddha

Interdisciplinary Disability Studies Minor

About the Program

The purpose of the Interdisciplinary Disability Minor is to prepare undergraduate students toapply their unique disciplinary skills to work with and support individuals with disabilities and their families to become fully engaged members of their communities, and to improve their quality of life. The minor also helps to prepare students to work in an interdisciplinary service delivery environment. A secondary purpose is to create a core group of interdisciplinary faculty to work collaboratively with students on issues related to disability. The minor offers students a unique opportunity to explore disability from several vantage points, including an overview of the disability experience, societal barriers individuals face, service delivery systems, disciplinary perspectives, current research, and relevant legislation.

Contact Information

Therese Willkomm, Ph.D. ATP
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Occupational Therapy
College of Health and Human Services
Hewitt Hall
Durham, NH 03824

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