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“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.”

- Warren Buffet


  • Assistive Technology in New Hampshire (ATinNH)

    Project Description

    Assistive Technology in New HampshireThe Institute on Disability is the lead agency for New Hampshire’s State Program on Assistive Technology: Assistive Technology in New Hampshire, or ATinNH. The program has two major activity areas:

    1. Training, Education and Outreach: AT Trainings, Classes, and Workshops and AT Policy
    2. Assistive Technology Services: Equipment Demonstrations, Loans and Refurbishing/Recycling

    These services are offered through agreements with many partners including:

    Therese Willkomm, Ph.D. serves as ATinNH Program Director. Please contact ATinNH staff at 855-374-9969 or You can also learn more about ATinNH on our website:

    ATinNH is funded under the provisions of the Assistive Technology Act by the Rehabilitation Services Administration in the US Department of Education through grant H224A090029.

  • getATstuff

    getATstuff logoIn a nationally unique collaborative effort, the six New England State AT Act programs have developed the New England Assistive Technology Exchange, a regional assistive technology classifieds website at The site permits individuals looking for AT to search for used equipment form throughout the region. The site is jointly funded and operated by the six New England state AT Act Programs and contains listings from New England and adjoining states.


    At connectsIn a partnership with SilverTech, Inc and the Association for Assistive Technology Act Programs (ATAP), the IOD has been awarded a contract to redevelop and launch AT CONNECTS, a new national website to provide access to information on assistive technology. To learn more, please contact Sonke Dornblut at


  • Supported Typing (ST) Skill Builders

    Group Description

    With the support of Pascal Cheng from the Howard Center in Vermont, individuals who express themselves through Supported Typing (ST) get together to learn new skills, make new friends, see old friends, and stay in touch with the latest ST technology to support their expression.

    Cost: At this point, there is no direct cost to individuals participating in the group although many individual budgets, area agencies, and school districts provide support to sustain this activity.  Please bring your own lunch.

    During a recent ST Skill Builders Group Jeff Williamson, Kenny Affonse, and Andrew Dixon had a conversation about the importance of the group and the method they use to express themselves. These three men have been using ST to express themselves for more than ten years.
    The group is a bunch of different things to me…..a bit of treating people like very smart people, staying in touch with other wordless people, there’s beneficial learning time, time to crack my jokes, time for facilitators to learn new skills because books are not as good as practice. We practice our bright intelligence here. Jeff Williamson

    I like going to NH and seeing people here who talk through ST. People should read my article in Sharing Our Wisdom. People are impressed when they find out I can use e-mail. I like to type in class with my friends and to learn. Kenny Affonse

    People who come to the group need to connect with each other because we operate the same inside and can speak about our issues of not speaking like most people. The point of group is to get good at typing and passing messages so more people believe that ST can work for people who don’t speak. Everyday we type more is a day to be better understood. The oscillating factors confounding people are people’s perceptions of how we act on the outside and what we say from our minds. Andrew Dixon